The Debate Over Gay Marriage

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Abstract Same-sex relationships date back to Greek and Roman times. They have existed in society for hundreds of years. It was during a culture shift during the Christian revolution that society began to condemn the practice. Our current society is realizing same-sex relationships do exist and have done so regardless of law allowing them to outwardly celebrate their unions. Gay couples have remained secluded in society and covered their living arrangements under feeble explanations and lies. Hiding true feelings and living a lie is destructive to a person’s well-being and happiness. Recently the United States took steps to legalize and recognize unions of all types whether they are of opposite-sex or same-sex. Our country stands for equality and freedom so this is only right that our country take this step along with many others around the globe. History of Gay Marriage Today’s modern debate over gay marriage has been played by politicians over the few decades to win and keep the majority vote. The general public is led to believe that this issue has come to light because of modernization and changing beliefs and loosening morals when the fact is homosexuality and gay unions can be traced back to the times of ancient Egypt. Information on gay unions is backed up with the discovery of a pharaonic tomb with images showing their unions were recognized by their kingdom. Mesopotamia, a region located in the area between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers,

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