The Debate of Bigger Families

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Big or small family
Is it selfish to have more than two children? The decision about the number of children you will have is really important. This decision will not only affect the family it will also affect the society and the environment. Parents have more than two children do not pay attention to the problems that their children will face in the future. They are proud of having an extended family instead of thinking about the future. People now realize the value of having a nuclear family. Markedly the population is increasing every second and under those circumstances there will be unbearable load on the family and the government. The main concern is whether to have an extended family or a nuclear family, as this issue has raised more than opinion .Nuclear family is mostly preferred on account of the financial conditions of the family , providing better care , and reducing population growth.

In the first place, having a small family is important on account of the financial conditions of the family which is strongly linked with the size of the family. The cost of living of nuclear family is surely less than extended family , as the small number of individuals of a nuclear family will need less clothes , toys , food and other elements of living . They will also spend less money on education .Unlike the extended family, their needs is more and living cost is very high. In nuclear family, parents have the time to work hardly and gain money to provide their children with

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