The Debt Crisis Of 2008 Greece Essay

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In 2008 Greece was not influenced by the crisis but later in 2009 the country fell into recession and the financial markets exerted pressure, which made the economy being vulnerable. At the beginning of the sovereign debt crisis, the budget deficit of Greece was erected at 13.6% from 12.7% (Eurostat, Euroindicators, 22/2010, 22 April 2010) and the external debt at 127% of the GDP (Eurostat, Euroindicators, 60/2011, 26 April 2011). In order to to deter a default on its sovereign debts, the government of Greece agreed on a loan by Eurozone states and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The loan agreement was 80 billion € from Eurozone states and 30 billion € from IMF. The agreement was between the Greek government and the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and IMF (the ‘Troika’), in which they agreed that the EC, ECB and IMF had to prepare a program for Greek economy. The Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the ‘Troika’ prepared a program called ‘Memorandum of economic Policy and Financial Policies; (MEFP) and the ‘Memorandum on Specific Economic Policy Conditionality’ (MSEPC)(The Memoranda). The MEFP had to do with the fiscal reformations and income policies that Greece had to undertake. The Memoranda was connected with the Act 3845/2010 on ‘Measures for the Implementation of the support mechanism for the Greek economy by the Eurozone Member states and the International Monetary Fund’ and the Greek Parliament enacted into law on 5 May 2010. The

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