The Deception of an Acquaintance Essay

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A cracking sound echoed across the sky suddenly everyone ceased. Their faces looked around to see what happened. Murmurs came through out the crowd of people. Let us go back in time to see what might have caused this death of a devout martyr. And how these squalid events happened the way they did.
It was 5:00 p.m. on a Friday when Lance was in a bar in Minnesota. He was having a good day until Benjamin and somebody else walked through the door. He was eccentric for everyone else in the room but shrewder than most. Benjamin came up to Lance in an endearing voice I’ve. Sudden music starts playing and, Benjamin says, I decided to adjourn this rendezvous until later tonight. They walk furtively walked out of the bar. Lance pondering what …show more content…

Nothing personal I just always wanted to kill someone of higher power than me, says Benjamin. Then Lance says sarcastically yeah that makes a lot of sense. When we get done with this we might just kill the pope to. Don’t tempt me says Benjamin I actually might try. Where you getting the gun from don’t worry I got my sources. So what job do I have to do, asked Lance a lookout, says Benjamin. We will meet up tomorrow at this house ok, said Lance. Lance thinking to himself how can I plan this on Benjamin. Tomorrow flies by and they all meet up at Lances house. They drive to the designated parking garage. Ok Lance stay at the bottom floor of the entrance. Gina you stay in the second to last floor to the top. I call when the job has been done.
Half an hour until the conference starts and they all waited patiently for it to start. Five minutes into the conference Lance calls the cops and tells them that there is a person on top of a parking garage across from the conference and has a sniper rifle. He says he thinks that he might try to shoot the president. So Lance starts to walk up to the top of the parking garage to check upon on Benjamin. As soon as Lance walks up to the top he sees Benjamin aiming at the president.
Lance hurries and kicks the gun up when he pulls the trigger. A cracking sound echoed across the sky, Benjamin turns around in astonishment Lance! They break out in to a fight it why did it

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