The Declaration Of Independence And Freedom Of Speech

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Individual rights have been a hot topic in the American government since the first stirrings of the American Revolution. In accordance with the American Revolution, Thomas Jefferson’s “The Declaration of Independence” was revolutionary in its statement that all people had “certain unalienable rights” (18), which people today sometimes to refer to as individual rights. In modern times, many television shows have made references to individual rights, such marriage equality, like in Leslie Knope’s officiation of the marriage between two male penguins on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation (“Pawnee Zoo”). Although it could be said that “The Declaration of Independence” is focused only on equality and independence from Great Britain and that …show more content…

This quote is proof that the colonists had no freedom to complain about injustices because every time the colonists attempted to, they were punished. “The Declaration of Independence” exposition of the colonist’s inability to speak about the problems they have with the government, and the punishments that arose when one did attempt to address their complaints demonstrate the beginnings of freedom of speech. Because Parks and Recreation is set in present day, freedom of speech is a constitutional right and the television show argues for freedom of speech in show the good it does for the community, especially when it comes to the people’s right to complain about injustices. Parks and Recreation advocates for the airing of grievances through the multiple public forums held during the show’s run. One of those public forums involves a woman expressing her displeasure at the proposal of a park being built near her house, “My name is Kate Spivack…I live in the neighborhood. And I am one hundred percent against this park” (“Canvassing”). Whether other characters like what Spivack is saying or not, she has the freedom to denounce anything the government is doing that she does not like. Leslie Knope, the character that is most often running the public

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