The Declaration Of Independence : The Reasons Of The Declaration Of Independence

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In the “Declaration of Independence” it says “Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” this was earned by the colonists after a long, hard war. In 1776 the colonists declared independence and began to officially break away from Britain. This came after many years of battles that were mostly lost but a few were won, giving them hope. With this hope the farmers acting as soldiers fought and won the war against a much higher power. This higher power had been oppressing them for so long they deserved their independence. The Colonists had been treated poorly and had just reasons for revolting against the British monarchy. Before the colonists had begun to become angry with the King, they allowed him to regulate their trade and impose a few taxes. Once the Stamp Act had been passed though, they became infuriated with the way the King was treating them. The taxes had been put on too many items for a high price and that did not settle well with the colonists. Then to add on to this injustice the Parliament passed the Townshend acts which they believed were only placed to collect money from the colonists. “To impose duties on these colonies, not for the regulation of trade… but for the single purpose of levying money upon us.” (Doc 2) This is unfair because the colonists had no say in these acts that were being placed on them. Without a voice they needed actions to show the King that he could not treat them this way. (Doc 2) One way to show action and earn the King’s attention is

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