The Decline Of Feudalism From An Economic Standpoint Essay

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Looking at the decline of feudalism from an economic standpoint, there could be numerous theories and explanations why and how it happened. Nell says “The expansion of trade leads to an increase in wealth and size of towns and a decline in population leads to relatively greater decline in seigniorial than in artisan incomes” (J. Nell 328). Roughly before the year 1000, feudalism reigned supreme throughout various parts of the world, including Western Europe. Feudal Lords and nobles would partake in various ways to attain revenue. The decline in the feudal order was due to changing relations between factors in a network. In various parts of Europe the wealth being found in trade was dominating and being known as the ideal way to increase a peasant 's wealth. For the feudal lords, they would subtract a stipend of resources grown by a serf on land owned by a king, and this was given as payment, as the surplus of resources was traded. In Edward J Nell’s paper titled, “Economic Relationships in the Decline of Feudalism: An examination of Economic Interdependence and Social Change”, he goes on to mention various arguments and theories on the reason why the decline of feudalism took place from an economic perspective. One of the prominent proposals he makes is that the decline was due to a change in the relationship between factors in a network and that the trade, population, and class struggle theory are nothing more than factor explanations.
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