The Decline Of Home Births

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Home Births Home births have been done for centuries, however they are uncommon in today’s world. Gone are the days where women had babies on the kitchen tables. So why are women beginning to yet again seek out home births? Most women have reasons such as they want to be in a more comfortable environment, and they want the process to be as natural as possible. Those women are still the vast minority in america, as most women prefer hospital births, due to the proximity to critical care in case of emergencies, painkillers, and simply because that it the way things are done here. The decline of home births began in the 1900’s. at the start of the century 95% of births were at home, in 1938 Half of births took place at home, and by 1955 less than 1% of births took place at home. During the early 1900’s hospitals began a smear campaign to make women believe that midwives were unfit to bring babies into the world. Women continued to go to hospitals also, for the access to painkillers, and cleaner environment, and the access to trained doctors. Now that is the way things are done. However even with the influx of technology into the medical practise, the United States have some of the highest infant and maternal mortality rates of a first world country. The largest study of home birth says, “Among 16,924 women who planned home births at the onset of labor, 89.1% gave birth at home. The majority of intrapartum transfers were for failure to progress, and only 4.5% of the
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