The Definition Of Rational Thought

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There are several different types of ways of thinking, which undergoes diverse processes. One of the approaches is rational thought, which is one of the key factors to science (Gauch, 2003). The science is a particular area proving theories by reasoning (Giere, Bickle, and Mauldin, 2006). Whilst there have been several examinations related to means people think rationally, it seems to be important to understand what rational thought is; furthermore, the approach can be an influential factor in academic fields. In this essay, the domain, Urban Design, will be examined as a sample. Before examining how rational thought is employed in Urban Design field, this essay will describe the definition of rational thought.

When people think, there are two types of ways of thinking; System 1 and System 2 (Kahneman, 2012). He states that System 1, called fast thinking, is decision-making process without an explicit evaluation, through the process, an idea would be produced intuitively, which is unconscious, uncontrolled and almost effortless. Besides, Dewey (1933) described tree types of thinking approaches as effortless means. One of them is unconscious thinking, which is applied in the situations: being sleep and awake, it is considered that there would be not much or important or helpful production of this type of thinking. Another one is imagining thinking, which does not exist, is not an object. The imagination can result in a conclusion for thinker; nonetheless, it is not always
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