The Definition of Beauty Essay

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Advertising has changed in many ways over the years, growing and maturing to show us what we should be. Because our own self-esteem is not enough, we rely on advertising to tell us what is beautiful and what is not. Whether we realize it or not, beauty is ultimately defined for us. Products are advertised all around us, telling us that something in our life is missing because we do not have a certain product in our possession. Ranging from make-up to plastic surgery, most of this advertising is geared toward women. This can be shown through the advertisements analyzed in this essay. Both ads depict women who are approachable. The older ad depicts simplicity and innocence, while the current ad shows a more complex, sexual look. The images …show more content…

You are only able to see her face; her hair is not visible. The only other part of her body you can see is a bit of her left shoulder, which has no straps or indications that she is wearing clothing. The background shows a clear blue sky and a busy street in modern day London, England (indicated by the infamous Big Ben clock tower. The girl has her lips parted slightly, showing a few of her white teeth. Her eyelashes are also outlined with mascara. Her eyelashes are not only thick and full, but nearly every individual lash seems to be clearly defined as well. She is wearing a thick necklace with many small pink jewels. On the right panel of the picture, there is text describing the product being advertised, which is mascara as well. The text is black and says, “The Max Volume Flash Mascara…Skinny to Fat in 10 Seconds Flat…14 times more volume…Our biggest brush ever…Collagen and Keratin enriched.” Below this text is the product, a long, thick pink tube of mascara. Below the mascara tube are the words, “Get the London look” in white text. On the current ad, pink eye shadow and lip gloss match the pink shade of the mascara bottle. The eye shadow draws attention to her piercing, deep blue eyes and defined lashes that the product promises to give you. The older ad has darker colors. The green bracelet is one of the brightest objects and is near the face, which draws your attention to the smile and the eyes, which are green as well. The dark blue sweater she is

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