Pathos, Pathos And Logos Of Cover Girl Advertisement

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The Cover Girl ad from March 2011 includes a picture of Queen Latifah in a beige like colored background with her green eye shadow on. Queen Latifah has small brown eyes with very long and luscious black eye lashes. She has a big and beautiful smile with shiny white and straight teeth. Queen Latifah also has a nice pair of small, gold, round dangling earrings in her ears. The word “Cover Girl” is displayed in big and bold green letters across her forehead, all to help improve her the way she looks. Queen Latifah is written in small green letters underneath in the right-hand corner right underneath the word “Cover Girl”. This picture of her is from her head to her shoulders, just enough for the viewers to focus on Cover Girl’s product, which is the makeup. You cannot really tell what type of shirt she is wearing in this photo but the little piece of frill coming off of her shoulder matches pretty well with the whole color scheme of the ad. She also has her hair pulled back into a long pony tail to also help show off their product even more. This advertisement by Cover Girl effectively uses logos, ethos, and pathos to convince the viewers to buy Cover Girl products. The first appeal is shown by using logos to give the viewer’s a reason that they should buy Cover Girl products. Cover Girl claims that their products are for women of any and all skin types or ethnic backgrounds. The ad states, “fadeproof, waterproof, and ignore-proof”, which is used to describe the product that

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