The Definition of Religion Can Be Academically Useful

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Many different religious scholars and theorists use some kind of a prehistoric humanity as proof or evidence their works. The primitive is such a central concern for them because of the lack of evidence of prehistoric civilizations. Thus making the prehistoric societies easy models to help prove their beliefs and understandings on religion. In addition to this, another reason as to why prehistoric humanity was so important to religious philosophers was because early theorist did not have the field or study of religion. Early theorists where classified as anthropologists and sociologists in most cases; and thus tended to bring in parts of their study into religion. Anthropologists study prehistoric civilizations, they were very comfortable with that subject, which is why they used it to prove points in their religious models. For example early social anthropologist E.B. Taylor used a concept called “The savage philosopher” as his form of primitive life. When the savage philosopher wakes up and he has no idea between being asleep and being awake, he was unaware of what a dream was. However the savage philosopher was quite interested in his environment and the anomalies present in it. However without any form of scientific methods the philosopher could not make sense of the anomalies in his environment. Therefore, the pre-human has to come to a conclusion for the oddity of seeing himself elsewhere and seeing spirits of his dead ancestors. (All occurring in a dream) Thus the

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