The Department Of Homeland Security

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The Homeland Security enterprise is tasked with protecting our country from all threats to include threats that have not yet revealed themselves. There’s a few methods used to identify these threats, but I’m going to cover just one of those methods in particularly. To better explain the role of risk management, first I’ll break down the steps of risk management and explain each one individually. After I have fully addressed the basics of risk management, I’ll go more in depth on why the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) utilizes this technique to prevent attacks in our homeland.
The first step in risk management is to identify any and all threats. This is done by researchers and analyst. Until someone is smart enough to invent a
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1). Depending on what was being analyzed there could always be more variables implemented. Also to efficiently identify all threats, small and large, each variable should be weighed the same. For example, a nuclear attack might unlikely, but highly catastrophic. While an armed assault be highly likely, but much less severe. Both of these attacks net roughly the same risk management value, and they should be addressed equally. Another key part to accurately assessing a risk is to consider the vulnerability of the asset. The more vulnerable an asset is, the more the DHS will be inclined to use resources available for the protection of the asset. This is the most effective way to address risk, and to ensure we maintain our focus on all risk at hand and not just the common risk or the severe risk. These values could always be adjusted if someone were to only focus on a certain type of threat, but for the most part, each variable should be treated the same. Threats do not always have to be measured in loss of life, but if an attack has a major impact on the nation’s morale
More often than not, the risk we encounter on a day to day basis can be countered by implementing some control measures. This is critical in the risk management process, because it is the role of the (DHS) to prevent attacks on our homeland. “A
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