The Despairing Act of Self Harm Essay

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Have you ever, coincidentally, walked passed somebody with deep, open cuts on his/her wrist and wondered what happened? Maybe, you thought it was a simple, harmless scratch caused by obnoxious pets at home. Or maybe, you considered it as mild accidents, preferably caused by doing arts and crafts at home or school. But, have you ever pondered thoroughly and have the idea that those sad scarring were actually made by him/herself? Creating scars on your skin is actually the action of self-harm; the intentional hurting of one’s self, direct to the body tissue, with or without the intention of suicide. There are several types of self-harm, such as hair pulling, banging body parts, scratching, burning, ingestion of toxin, and the most frequent …show more content…

Though, there are several motives of self-harm, a person who self-harms by any means seeks the same personal effects: a sense of relief, a diversion from hurtful emotion by expressing it externally, or to simply sense something when feeling numb and empty. Adolescents and teenagers expects self-harm as an escape, as a way out of struggles. However, self-harm bears great consequences to those who practice it. As a matter of fact, it has never been a solution to complications. The truth is, self-harm only gives temporary satisfaction, and provokes to further misery and discomfort. Self-harm brings several damages; it affects both one’s mind and physical features. Damages of self-harm involves:
• Permanent, painful scars
• Inability to bring an end to it or addiction
• Feeling useless
• Self-hatred or low self-esteem
• Permanent numbness in hand or wrist
• Broken bones and bruises
• Stress to hide the self-injury from others
• Anxiety that someone will discover it
• Secluded from society
Although there are a number of after effects, the worst that could happen to one’s life is death. When a person became too dependent on self-harm, he/she could have the desire to take his/her own life. Regardless its familiarity in the midst of teenagers today, God has always ruled against self-harm. Believe it or not, self-harm has been around for centuries. The false worshippers of Baal in the Old Testament cut themselves as an

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