The Determinants Of Heath That Impact Health Status

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The Determinants of Heath that Impact Health Status


Zijada Sulejmanovic
Boise State University

This paper explores published articles that report results from research on determinants of health. Also, defines determinants of health. No matter how much of research is done there will always be a question like what do we do? Where do we start? How can we address and improve poverty, social, education and cultural issues to improve health. Working in health care and working with uninsured and under insured population, patient from different cultures makes me wonder about what can be done. Also, being someone who experienced social inequality, economical and somewhat influenced by cultural norms. I believe that determinants of health are very important and there are some essential determinates of health no matter what health system we look at. Therefore, with so many factors that can affect the health of individual I would like to talk about some factors that have substantial impact on health such as income, education, culture and social inequalities. Through my professional and personal experience I have learned to believe that somehow most of this factors go hand in hand.

The Determinants of Heath and Their Effect on Health Status

The World Health Organization ( WHO, 2008) defined social determinants of health as the circumstances in which people are born, grown up, live work and age, and the systems put in

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