The Development Of A Health Promotions Program

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The development of a Health Promotions Program for the group of people in the Weight Loss article could seem overwhelming when first accessed. I know from studying the article that this group of people is made up of multiple cultures and a diverse sect of people. It has been established that even though this group of people share some similarities in heritage, cultures, and traditions; there are still some differences that makes it difficult to group these people under one large umbrella. When developing a Health Promotions Program, each one of the different cultures must be considered and represented. In an example provided by the CDC a group implemented a Head Start program in a low income community. When the group first meet to make plans for the Head Start, their first meeting included Community Leaders, Health Mangers, Family Services Leaders, and participating families (Herman, Nelson, Teutsch, and Chung, 2013). Using this a model, the Healthcare Educator should distinguish the different courses. I would then solicit for representatives from each of cultures to represent during the planing phrase. One of the many responsibilities of representative would be to bring the concerns of the people to the planning committee. Not only would the representative be great for providing input, but could give the Healthcare Educator incite into how the group perceives themselves. This would be helpful in tailoring the program to meet the needs of each group of people.
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