The Development Of An Individual And The Aspects Within Psychology

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Prior to Developmental Psychology, the summarized articles will indicate the development of an individual and the aspects within psychology. Developmental Psychology is the study of the way a human change over time throughout their life. Individuals face many issues and problems throughout their life that could possible affect their physically, emotionally, and mentally growth. As a parent and child develop individually, many skills and behaviors increase and decrease. In this case, communication seems to have a downfall as the child ages. Development being the way a person change over time, could destroy a family or relationship between two individuals. The article discuss the important of communicating with parents, for the growth of a child. Without parents, most things would not get cared for and responsible would become harsh. Parent became stressed and overwhelmed from the lack of control and parental knowledge from their disclosed child. A parents developmental skills decrease as they worry about the development and change of their child. Communication is the way to gaining knowledge and understanding to be able to develop the skills to become an outstanding individual in life (Keijser & Poulin, 2013). Assess the professional roles, communication is a professional role to everyday life. Miscommunicating causes harm and dissatisfaction to oneself and others in many situations. In regard to developing, as an individual grow up, they believe they are able to handle

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