The Development Of Chinese Popular Music And The Legend Pop Star Jay Chou

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Final Paper: The Development of Chinese Popular Music and the Legend Pop Star-Jay Chou
Name: Zichao Lan
Instructor: Erica Jones
Teaching Assistant: Dhiren Panikker
Course Title: Popular Music of the World
Date: 7/24 /2015

Introduction When talking about China, people from other countries associate China with the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the Summer Palace, other landmarks. Chinese music is as an important part of Chinese history and culture but it seldom mentioned when people think about China. The history of Chinese music has the same age as Chinese history and culture, even 1,300 years before the construction of the Great Wall. So what makes the Chinese music in obscurity today? What about Chinese popular music now? I will briefly talk about the development of Chinese music from its origin until present day and then introduce a popular singer in China who has been influencing the Chinese music scene since the year of 2000, Jay Chou.
Part 1. The origin of Chinese Music: The history of Chinese music dates back as far as the Shang Dynasty around 1046 BC. According to the Chinese legends, Ling Lun was recorded as being the founder of Chinese music during the time of the Yellow Emperor. Ling Lun used pipes made from bamboo and could tune the pipes to the sounds of the birds. Later on during the Zhou Dynasty, a formal system of music was established to celebrate big

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