The Development Of The Federation Of Malaysia

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The Federation of Malaysia is made up of two main territories separated by the South China Sea in Southeast Asia. “East Malaysia is located on the northern quarter of the large Borneo Island and West Malaysia, where most of the population resides and forms the southern portion of the Malay Peninsula and south of Thailand.” (The Multiparty System: Country Studies – Malaysia) The western part known as “The Federation of Malaya, gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1957.” (The Multiparty System: Country Studies – Malaysia) Malaysia has a population of 31 million people with a mixed population of ethnic backgrounds. Malaysia’s present administration and previous ones were unable to make fundamental reforms in Malaysia. “Affirmative …show more content…

“The federal government holds various portfolios including external affairs, defense, internal security, civil and criminal law, citizenship, finance, industry, health and education.” (Malaysia: Between Democracy and Authoritarianism 2009) The federal government may also make laws to promote the consistency of the laws of two or more states and it may formulate laws on any subject at the request of a state legislative assembly. Executive power lies in the “cabinet led by the prime minister who must be a member of the lower house and command a majority.” (Malaysia: Between Democracy and Authoritarianism 2009) The cabinet is chosen from members of both houses of parliament. The prime minister of Malaysia is appointed by the Paramount Leader, who also appoints the cabinet on the advice of the prime minister. “A justice system originally based on the British one operates in tandem with Sharia courts.” (Malaysia: Between Democracy and Authoritarianism 2009) The Federal Court is the Supreme Court and it’s the final court of appeal, it also has “exclusive jurisdiction” in constitutional matters and in matters arising between states or between the federal government and the states. (Malaysia: Between Democracy and Authoritarianism 2009) Appeals that arise from the High Courts

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