The Developmental Progress Of Children And Forever Changing The Education And Psychology World Essay

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Jean Piaget is most known for studying the developmental progress of children and forever changing the education and psychology world. Piaget developed an interest in the intellectual development of children (Internet). Through studies Piaget was able to conclude that children possessed with a limited way of thinking that wasn’t necessarily wrong but instead different than grown adults (2013). Piaget created a four stage theory which provides insight to the mental development of children. This theory outlines the natural inclination children take towards mental development. Through a creation of studies Piaget was able to prove these stages and ever since many have done studies on this theory (Internet). Piaget had incorporated three parts into his theory: schema, the four processes that enable the transition from one stage to another, the four stages of cognitive development. In the process of Schema, Piaget believed there was two parts of this: assimilation and accommodation. A child may adapt by either interpreting an experience so that it fits an existing scheme, assimilation, or changing an existing scheme to incorporate the experience, accommodation (2013). Through my own personal studies, I was able to witness these theories at work. Throughout this paper I will describe myself as the experimenter and then the kids I did the study on, Jack and Lexie, I will call Subject 1 and 2 from now on. Subject 1, Jack, is age 7 and in second grade. He also completed three

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