The Diabetes Epidemic in Amerca Essay

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Type two diabetes will significantly and permanently affect the life of an individual. A change in human lifestyle caused a striking increase in the quantity of diabetes diagnoses. No cure has been discovered, only ways to decrease the risks. Type two diabetes alters an individuals’ life forever; therefore, people should beware the danger of an unhealthy lifestyle even before diagnosis (Zimmet).
Type two diabetes is a condition in which the body either creates too little insulin, or cannot appropriately utilize the insulin it create. In order for the body to go through the process of acquiring energy, it must have insulin. After food is broken down, the insulin carried the energy created in the breaking down process to all the cells. …show more content…

Diabetes ratings of the United States have increased by 32 percent over the past 20 years (Centers).
When it comes to symptoms of diabetes, it stands as one of the most difficult topics. Symptoms fluctuate greatly. One person who might have increased thirst and blurred vision may be entirely different from another. Fatigue and slow healing infections are the most prominent symptoms among diabetics. Other symptoms include but are not limited to blurred vision, increased urination, thirst, and appetite, and erectile dysfunction. There have been certain diagnoses with no symptoms whatsoever. An individual must get tested to be sure of whether or not they are diabetic (Type).
There are four ways to get tested for the disease. The first test someone can do is called the fasting blood glucose level. This is fasting for twelve hours before getting glucose levels tested. The second test is the A1C test. This test is used for diagnosing pre-diabetes. In this test, levels are diagnosed by percentages as normal, pre-diabetes, and diabetes. The next test is the oral glucose tolerance test. Lastly, the random non-fasting glucose test is a less trusted test. This test takes symptoms into consideration along with needing to be proved with a fasting test. (Type)
Diabetes is not extremely harmful in and of itself. It’s similar to aids in the fact that is makes the diabetics more susceptible to other problems. For example, type two

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