The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Enhancing Resilience – The Diary of Anne Frank Part A: Create a profile for the individual identifying their name, age, gender. Describe in detail their background and characteristics. Name: Annelies “Anne” Marie Frank Age: 13 - 15 Gender: Female Background Information and Characteristics: Anne was born on June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany to parents Otto and Edith Frank. She has an older sister named Margot and a cat named Moortje. Anne was a Jew living in Amsterdam during World War II and was forced into hiding due to this. She spent two years in hiding and kept a diary during the time explaining what life was like, in the hopes that it would be published. She and her family were found out and arrested on August 4th, 1944 and were separated and sent to various concentration camps. After moving from camp to camp, Anne and Margot were sent to Bergen-Belsen, where they both died in March 1945 due to a typhus epidemic. Anne became famous posthumously after her father, the only member of her family to survive the war – fulfilled Anne’s wishes and published her diary. She is now one of the most famous Jewish Holocaust victims. Before she went into hiding, Anne describes herself as a bubbly, popular girl that had heaps of boys chasing after her. After she goes into hiding though, she becomes very lonely and bored, but she soon turns that loneliness and boredom into independence. She becomes a strongly opinionated, fiery teenager and struggles to have her say. She is viewed by

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