Criminal Justice System: Due Process Vs. Crime Control Model

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The criminal justice system is the set of agencies and processes established by governments to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate laws. (The Criminal Justice System. 2008) It involves the courts, police, enforcement, and correctional institutions of compliance with the laws. Society is the balance between public order and individual rights that devotes a fair, criminal justice system. So, of course, public order and individual rights play an important part in our lives, and they must be balanced. If you do not have public order, then you will never have individual rights. Public order is what keeps us safe, while individual rights are what we are permitted to do, and the consequences that fall into place because of it. This whole entire process started in 1968, when Herbert Packer established the criminal process into two balanced value systems, Due Process and Crime Control Model in which we compare between public order and individual rights today. Due Process Model is concerned with how “precise” and “dependable” decisions are made, whereas Crime Control Model is concerned with the productivity of the criminal process.
Criminal Justice is the institution of social control that balances these models. Both, the Due Process and Crime Control Model are attempted to give effective content to a complex of values underlying the criminal law. (Packer, H. L. 1963) The focus of each model is to provide the same extent of

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