The Difference Between Looking And Perception In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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What is the true difference between looking and perceiving? In “Cathedral”, l Carver reveals human rediscovery through contrast in between characters whose perception determines the narrator changes of mind. The narrator in “Cathedral” is modeled as an ignorant person who does not seem to perceive the world with knowledge. Instead, he only has the ability to see the world with his sight in the beginning of the story. His limited view to the world reveals his lack of human experience in life thus he usually attempts to perceive life with his stereotypical view. The other two characters, including the wife and Robert, are both perceiving the world with numerous life experiences. They are the contrast to the narrator yet they are helping the narrator to rediscover human worth through their ways of perceiving the world. Robert is especially the significant person that changes the narrator mind by showing what he can do as a blind man. Raymond Carver contrasts the wife and Robert with narrator in many directions to bring out the process of how the narrator changes from an ignorant person to a man who starts to know how to perceive the world with his mind but not the eyes.
The contrast between the wife and the narrator is shown through their different attitude toward Robert’s visit and also the lost of his wife. Robert is an extremely important person for narrator’s wife who suffers in her previous marriage and even commit suicide. The communication between the wife and Robert

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