The Differences Between Male And Female

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Sex refers to the differences between male and female through their biological and physiological anatomy as internal and external sex organs, chromosomes (i.e. XX for female; XY for male, Seccombe p.93); and hormonal profiles (i.e. estrogen for female; testosterone for male). Gender refers to the differences between male and female attributes, traits, behaviours, activities, culturally and socially constructed roles that a culture or society expects that outlines as feminine and masculine. Family / Parents, differential treatment becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy (Fig. 4.1, Seccombe p.99). The family is considered as the primary and the most important and influenced agent of socialization. A child initially learns in the family what it is to be as female and male. Parents are the first educators who teach, show, and guide their children on how to act, dress, behave and adapt what a society deems suitable for male and female. For instance, parents play more aggressive or let rough-tumble play with their sons (play mostly with father). Parents buy trucks, cars or toys that come in a blue color for boys and mostly parents set a higher standard of achievement for boys than they do for their daughters. Whereas, parents describe their daughter as gentle and lenient; so, parents play more calm and quiet with daughters (play mostly with mother). Parents buy dolls and cooking stuff or toys that come in a pink color for girls and parents teach daughter’s to do household chores.

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