The Differences Of Aztecs And Mayan Civilizations

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Aztecs and Mayans were the biggest civilizations in Mesoamerica. They are known for having mass amounts of knowledge in subjects like astronomy, mathematics, agriculture and architecture. These two civilizations have their own creation myth: Mayas have “Popol Vuh,” while Aztecs have “Mito de los Cinco Soles.” Both works have given an insight on their culture’s values, ways of living and beliefs. However, when the Spanish came to America most of the books containing essential information of these civilizations were destroyed. Some of the written works that were rescued pertained to both: Mesoamerican and Spanish authors. The Mayan and Aztec works “Chilam Balam” and “Presagios según los informantes de Sahagún” describe Spanish brutality and abuses, defining them as violent. In contrast Spanish works “Segunda Carta de Relación de Hernán Cortes” and “Carta de Pedro de Alvarado” justify Spanish actions against Mesoamerica’s civilizations by portraying their own leaders as saviors. Spanish and Mesoamerican civilizations texts show contradictory points of view towards the conquest, creating skepticism on what really happened during that time.
“Popol Vuh” and “Mito de los Cinco Soles” are relevant texts because they emphasize the importance of sacrifice in their culture. The Mayan book, “Popol Vuh,” is a broad text that contains the myths of earth, humanity, and life creation; as well as it emphasizes the influence deities had in their life. The “Hero Twins” myth found in the book

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