The Differing Perspectives of the Patriots and Loyalists Essay

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Patriots vs Loyalists Being subjected to public humilation in front of massive crowds with harsh punishments, the loyalists found themselves in a tough predicament between the radicals and their independence from Britian while the loyalists thought differently. Most of the loyalists found their properties vandalized, looted and burned by angry mobs of men. There was no doubt that the patriots of the thirteen colonies controlled the public discourse. There was bound to be a revolt against the British by the patriots because they didn’t agree against the policies imposed by the British parliament. The patriots of “The New World” have a much more logical reasoning than the loyalists because they felt that the British parliament was in …show more content…

James Otis mentions “No part of His Majesty’s dominions can be taxed without their consent… this would seem to [contradict] the theory of the constitution” which explains that the governed must have a say in what they will be taxed on and if not, the British Parliament is par taking in illegal actions. With no representation in Parliament, American colonists who felt the taxes to be a little excessive had no other option other than civil disobedience to rebel. It is safe to to say that the colonists had every right to rebel against the British. Unlike other acts and taxes imposed by the British parliament the Stamp Act effected everyone in the colonies even the colonists who remained loyal to King eventhough, all the colonies were all equally effected by this act imposed by the British. This meant that all legal documents including permits, contracts, newspapers and even playing cards had to carry a tax stamp, the revenue (collected by American customs agents) was supposedly to be used for "defending, protecting and securing" the colonies, but the patriots would have thought differently. They just wanted to be independent from Britian. There was little expectation from Britian and the members of parliament of how intense of a protest that the Stamp Act would generate in America. As mentioned before, the colonists didn’t like to be taxed by Britian any more because they felt living separate from the mother country would only decrease the amount of taxation not

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