The Difficult and Devastating Lives of African People

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Being an African back during the fifteenth through nineteenth century wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Waking up every day, living in tribes, and doing daily duties were the most common day for Africans. Until, the middle passage emerged, also known as the Slave Trade. Africans were taken through a devastating ride through history in the making. Africans were kidnapped out of nowhere by the “white men”. The British, the Europeans, the Caucasian all took part of this “middle passage era”. Africans were taken two by two, and singled file up the docks of the slave ships. Frozen in shock could not even compare what the feelings, and the thoughts of the Africans. They were terrified in fear, and suicidal thoughts crossed their minds on a regular basis. (Hearing a language(s) they had no knowledge of; African men outweighed the number of women kidnapped on the ships). Slave owners and traders wanted healthy, bulky, and strong men. The men worked the fields, pastures, and cotton farms. Africans most known by their masters as slaves or “Niggers” went through hell throughout the voyage of the middle passage. Some tried to break the iron chains before entering the boats, others communicated in their language to fight off the white men, but something was suspicious to the traders they had no hesitation to whip, torture, or beat the life out of the African slaves. The slaves quickly became understanding to the slave traders. African men, women, and children had no prior

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