The Disadvantages Of Uneducated White Women

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Crystal was a typical woman of her age. “She is one of a demographic—white women who don’t graduate from high school—whose life expectancy has declined dramatically over the past 18 years.” (Potts, 2013). As mentioned by Potts this demographic is what will be examined in this essay. The question put forth to the reader is “Do uneducated poor white women actually die at an accelerated rate as opposed to educated white women?” Uneducated, white women are at a disadvantage because of the sole reason that they are uneducated. A lot of Americans can expect great things as they continue to live and grow unfortunately that is not always the case. “While most Americans can look forward to living longer than ever, that’s not the case for white women who didn’t graduate from high school. Their life expectancy has actually dropped by five years — from 78 years in 1990 to 73 in 2008.” (Reese, 2013). Reese mentions that the life expectancy has dropped by five years. When people, who are uneducated, they tend not to get enough good jobs. A good job is essential for even the tiniest scrap of health insurance. Health insurance is the first and last place to look when it comes to the question of uneducated white women, for it is here the startling truth reveals itself. Most uneducated people cannot afford good health coverage if any at all. When the market is so dependent on health coverage, there is little to do without it. “The more educated among us are better at forgoing pleasurable and

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