The Disasters That Prove That Foreign Aid Has Done More Damage Than Good Essay

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11 Disasters That Prove That Foreign Aid has done More Damage than Good in Africa

From food aid to humanitarian aid and military assistance, foreign aid continues to flood Africa with the aim to enhance economic development and improve people 's lives.

But one of the questions that tangle curious economists like Cornell Ngare is that aren 't there poor people in the west? And the obvious answer is yes there is. There are beggars on the streets of London, several homeless families living under the New York bridges and of course numerous jobless and poor across the western countries.

Then the next question becomes, why do aid giving countries leave the needs in their homeland and rush to help people in Africa even when they know the money they give isn 't furthering these poor people 's lives?

Below you will discover the disasters aid giving countries have brought to the African continent.

Aid returned imperialism to Africa

Independence Day is one of the most celebrated days in most African countries. What most people don 't realize is that through aid, they still indirectly leave under imperialism.

Donors always have a motive behind their giving. One of the biggest reasons donors give is to ensure that they impose policies of their liking on the government they are helping in order to serve the interests of the donor countries.

Nobody knows how America benefits from ensuring that African countries promote and adopt gay laws, but last year the US withdrew aid from

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