The Discovery Of Literacy In Sojourner Truth's 'Aint'

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I accept it as a morose thought, but I have come to think of literacy as a tool most significant to those who feel they cannot communicate with the world. This idea seems mundane, very far indeed from pessimistic, but you must understand that I am not speaking about individuals who are physically handicapped, but rather those who are depressed or emotionally stripped. It takes some literacy skills to write a poem about cold, dark depression and it takes even more skill to write your own suicide letter. With that being said, I do not wish to misguide you into supposing that I am somehow depressed or suicidal. In fact, I’d like to communicate that I found my literacy – my voice – at a time of confusion and pain and I believe it has helped me survive.
We are quite a comfortable generation. We are blessed with insurmountable advances in technology and a surplus of wealth that cushions us from the rest of the world. Yet, innovations …show more content…

You stumble upon it because it is useful and so you use it. When you learn its significance - either with age or maturity - you then reminisce and regret the actions stemming from earlier ignorance. I had my eye-opening moment before an audience. I was tasked to exercise my literacy skills by orally interpreting Sojourner Truth’s Aint’ I A Woman to 20 plus non-black listeners. The necessity arose from the yearning to make these individuals understand the plight of a slave mother. Her pain was never theirs, nor was her history. Yet her legacy was in my charge, and her story was mine to tell. Standing, should-width apart before these slightly bored and unimpressed spectators, I read. The reading; however, was not a simple regurgitation of words on a page. In those seven minutes, I traveled back in time, plowed and planted (cite poem), was beaten, gave birth to 13 children, had those children stolen from me, cried a mother’s grief, and implored God. At the end, I was not crying

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