The Discovery Of The Titanic Essay

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Out of all the ships that have sailed our beautiful oceans throughout time, there are few that have been known for their "awe" factor, and legendary tales told throughout generations. On April 10th, 1912 all eyes were on the Titanic, and it gave the world hope. The ship itself was a work of art and at her time of departure, was the largest ship known to man. The Titanic was a symbol of hope and a new life, which in turn made it appealing not just to the elite, but for the poorest of immigrants as well, trying to make a new and better life when she reached America. Her nickname, "The Unsinkable" set sail for New York City ready to bring new hopes and dreams for the thousands on board, but what they didnt know was the terrifying and devestating event that was about to occur, and shock the world. Leaving Southhampton, England the Titanic had an estimated two thousand two hundred and fourty four passengers onboard. What makes that special, I feel, is the diversity that consisted with the passengers. From the top elite of the world ready to tour the sights of this beautiful America, to the poorest immigrant who sold his last belonging so he and his family could start a free new life; they could both be found on the Titanic. Richard Hines states in his book Voyagers of the Titanic,"The stately progress of crowned heads and business chiefs demanded all that was costly and conspicuous. But whereas monarchs expected panoply that enthroned precedent, reverence, and continuity, the

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