The Diversity Of The United States Of America

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The information that I have learned about diversity in the United States of America has helped me better understand and relate to others in many ways. The world is full of different people and ethnicity, race, creative individuals. Each race has issues to deal with rather it be prejudice and racism. Also during my time in this course I have learned a great deal about myself and I learned how to show more respect to other cultures, I already understood some of the cultures and races we studied this course but to get a better understanding and having to additional research really gave me an open mind and point of view what everyone deals with. What I learned about my personal race, ethnic, or cultural history is that many people believe that we are lazy and are trying to steal American jobs. I was excited to learn more about myself as a Hispanic female. My mother and grandparents are Mexican. My grandparents were born and grew up in Texas. When they had children they moved to Wisconsin there were more opportunities during that time when raising a family. When simply Hispanics just want the same as the next person moving to the States. To live the America dream, free and earn a living for themselves and their families. After additional research I was not really surprised that Hispanics and Mexicans prefer life here is better than their home land. Hispanics are not the type to be too proud to take a low income or dirty job that many Americans would be disgusted by. They will

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