The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In The United States

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United states is a country with a lot of diversity. This is the place where all the cultures get blended, creating even new cultures. In this country many cultures had blended, but there are some people who are ignorants. They don’t get the idea of combining their cultures with other’s culture, as they think that what their culture has made up for them is perfect and should be respected. All cultures and their people should be respected because all these traditions and cultures get there to contribute somehow to the development of the United States.

In the countries of the opportunities there is always a fight for it. People who thinks their ancestors were originally from the U.S, and don’t have any idea of how many people throughout the years came to start their life over again, claim that all the opportunities that this country offer should be for them. These racist people usually wants foreigners out of the country, without acknowledging how the arrival of these people has being determinant for built up the United States. New York is a good example of several cultures meeting each other, as italians, jews, and people from the caribbean get all together, is important to say this because New York is an important base for the economy of United States. Just as new york most of the states that are considered important for U.S have an incredible cultural blending.
United States was supposed to be a free land where each citizen has the right to choose all their decisions

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