The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In The United States

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The United States is a melting pot now more than ever. The biggest reason for this change is largely due from immigration and birthrates. Over the past thirty years immigrants who have come to American have been primarily non-Europeans including Asians, and people from South and Central America. In the year 2000, the United States census recorded 2.4 percent of the population in the United States to have multiracial backgrounds. Although this may not sound like a big number, Americans have had to adapt to being more culturally competent. Cultural competence is, “The process by which individuals and systems respond respectfully and effectively to people of all cultures, languages, classes, races, ethnic backgrounds, religions, and other diversity factors in a manner that recognizes, affirms, and values the worth of individuals, families, and communities and protects and preserves the dignity of each.” The Census Bureau believes that by 2050, nearly fifty percent of America’s population will be minorities. When the civil rights movement began in the 1950’s, African Americans and other minority groups tried to alert the United States their distinct identities. They felt that their long history of oppression especially in the United States had to come to an end. Immigrants who come to this country bring certain qualities that Americans do not obtain. Whether it is their language, religion, culture or even different political backgrounds. As our nation grows more diverse it

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