The Divine Comedy : Hell

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The book, The Divine Comedy 1: Hell, tells the story of Dante Alighieri who has lost his way. Virgil, a great poet, guides Dante through the many Circles of Hell. As they travel through the circles, they learn the stories of many sinners. The sinners are constantly being punished for their defiance of God. The punishments become more severe as Dante goes deeper into Hell. In the beginning, Dante empathizes with the occupants of Hell, but as he travels deeper, he becomes desensitized to the tormented souls because he realizes that they earned the torture. The punishments reflect elements of the sinners’ actions against God. In other words, a person’s punishment should fit the person’s crime. God sentences the sinners to an eternity of facing their own decisions. A recurring motif in The Divine Comedy is God’s fair justice.
In the Second Circle of Hell, those who committed sins of lust are punished. “The blast of hell that never rests from whirling harries the spirits along in the sweep of its swath (98).” When the sinners were living, they could not control their emotions or their bodies. Therefore, their punishment is to have no control over themselves. The wind is so strong that the sinners are in constant motion without the power to stop. While in the Second Circle, Dante and Virgil hear the story of a woman who had an affair with her husband’s brother. When she is telling them the story, she states, “one moment overcame [them] (100).” I believe that the woman is not…
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