The Divine Comedy : Hell

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The book, The Divine Comedy 1: Hell, tells the story of Dante Alighieri who has lost his way. Virgil, a great poet, guides Dante through the many Circles of Hell. As they travel through the circles, they learn the stories of many sinners. The sinners are constantly being punished for their defiance of God. The punishments become more severe as Dante goes deeper into Hell. In the beginning, Dante empathizes with the occupants of Hell, but as he travels deeper, he becomes desensitized to the tormented souls because he realizes that they earned the torture. The punishments reflect elements of the sinners’ actions against God. In other words, a person’s punishment should fit the person’s crime. God sentences the sinners to an eternity of…show more content…
This is one of the main reasons for the strong wind, a representation of the instability of a life based on pleasure. Instead of following their desires, they should have followed God. The lustful sinners claimed to have not had control over their bodies, so now, they have no control over their souls.
In the Fifth Circle of Hell, there lies two types of sinners, the wrathful and the sullen. The wrathful are fighting in mud on the bank of the river Styx. They bite and claw each other repetitively. Since anger permeated them during their lives, this is a fitting punishment for them. Now, the anger they could not stop is tormenting their souls. They had the chance in life to harness in their anger and they did not, so their anger causes their souls to fight constantly with each other. The sullen are submerged in the mud of the river Styx. The sullen did not enjoy the freedom of life. They state, “[s]ullen we lie here in the black mud (113).” They must stay sullen for eternity because they took their life for granted by not finding any joy. One should never go through life without appreciating the value of it. The sullen lost their freedom because they did not realize its importance.
Three rings divide the Seventh Circle of Hell. The first ring holds sinners who were violent towards other people. Their punishment, like all others, was very suitable. Forced to boil in the blood that they created
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