The Divine Command Theory ( Dct )

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A shift in philosophy from a relativist point of view to a moral perspective brought about several new revolutionary ideas. One particular theory that is hotly debated is the divine command theory (DCT). This controversial idea essentially says that God is the boss. It proposes that God decides what is moral and good, and therefore how we should be acting. It is a relationship between two claims, one of which God commands, and as a result the other is what is right. Many people and philosophers, such as the greatly influential 18th century thinker Emmanuel Kant, disapprove of it because it is relatable only to highly specific groups. The Divine Command Theory can be a useful guidance for those who are religious, however, I believe that this spiritual theory is not a wise guidance to follow. The simple divine command theory is centered around the belief in God. If you do not believe in God, then this theory cannot apply to you. It claims that morality is completely dependent on God. Under the DCT, the morally right action is the one God commands or requires (IEP). For those who are religious, this philosophy is a very easy way to live because it is extraordinarily simple. It doesn’t force any sort of mental activity or personal beliefs; you purely live according to what God says is right. It calls into question the very study of ethics. Those who are religious are dedicated to this theory because they believe that religion ought to have some bearing on our lives and take

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