The Divine Wind Analysis

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The Divine Wind, written by Garry Disher, is a novel in which not only shows and describes the struggle of characters during World War II in Broome, Australia, but also the many aspects of prejudice which affect namingly Ida Penrose, Mitsy Sennosuke, and Magistrate Killian. Ida Penrose, mother of the narrator, hartley, is arguable one of the most prejudiced characters throughout The Divine Wind. Ida has an anglocentric background which has shaped her prejudiced perspectives. She has a negative, biased view of all those who are not caucasian, or those who do not share the same anglocentric lifestyle as her. Early in the novel, Hartley has strong feelings about his mother, Ida, stating that It’s even possible that she continued to love my …show more content…

However, Magistrate Killian had suspicions that the Sennosukes were aiding the Japanese during WWII and warranted a search , in which Mitsy reacted with That’s Right, I’ve got a bomb hidden under me and a radio in my undies. Mitsy was subject to much racial prejudice at this point, and even though she when the Japanese bomb had hit Broome, she had the urge to get down to the harbour. To aid the people in the water, (the)people dying, and to help those who were injured, even those who had prejudiced views against her. Mitsy suffers from a large amount of racial abuse, most especially after the bombing of Broome. Her and her mother were sent to an internment camp even though Mitsy was born in Australia. Yet she shows no unjust behaviour or hatred towards others, just frustration for them looking down on (Mitsy), just because (she’s) Japanese. Magistrate Kilian. Another white Australian with Ango-centric views. He is self righteous because of his title. However, Mr Kilian treats and abuses others that are racially different, such as when to discussing a tropical Australian paradise during a dinner party with the Penroses. The question came from Jamie, who does all the work while we sit outside in the sun, dad? In which Magistrate Kilian rebuked with, we may need some black workers. As Mr

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