The Doctor Told The New Parents And Their Four Year Old Grandchildren

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"Your son has failed the hearing test," the doctor told the new parents and their four-year old daughter. "What? He-he 's deaf?" Colleen asked, her eyes wide as she looked over at her husband. The shock settling on them. "Yes. Don 't worry, if you want him to hear, there are procedures that ca-" "No," Colleen interrupted their doctor. The two parents had always held a silent vow to love their kids, however they turned out. Gay, straight, boy, girl, disabled, sick, anything. Being deaf was no different. She glanced at Donald to make sure he was in agreement and he nodded. "He doesn 't need to hear, he 's our son, and that 's all that matters," Donald explained, nodding and squeezing his daughter 's hand as she looked at her small …show more content…

Like he couldn 't be who he was. Jude Edward Jacob would be happy. If it was the last thing Colleen did. "Hey Callie," she used a hushed tone, turning toward her daughter who was holding her stepfather 's hand tightly. "This is your baby brother," she said, leaning over carefully to give her children their first glimpses of each other. Callie stared at the baby and dropped her stepfather 's hand and walked over to her mother. Newly named Jude stared at his sister, stretching his fingers out at her. Callie lifted her hand and Jude latched his fingers around one of hers. "Brother," Callie whispered, her voice at a high pitch, as they stared at each other, Jude 's first smile formed on his tiny lips. In that one word was a promise. A promise to be there for each other forever. No matter what the world through at them. Though the children of Donald and Colleen Jacob had no idea of their promise yet, nor the depth in which their promise would go to, their connection in that moment was enough. And that promise would never fade from their grasp. [][][][][][][] Silence. That 's all twelve-year-old Jude Jacob had ever heard in his life. Silence. And he liked it. He could only imagine how many whispers he would catch about himself if he could hear. He could communicate well though. He had been through plenty of speech therapy till he was six and has talked constantly since. To his foster parents. To his foster siblings. To his sister. Of course, Callie and him

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