The Downfall Of Franz Ferdinand

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Franz Ferdinand assumed the role of the heir apparent after Prince Rudolf passed away in 1889, and then his father death in 1896. The citizens really didn’t like him that much as he had a short temper, and was very mistrusting. His views were not in favor of the public, as he attempted to replace the Austria-Hungarian dualism with “trialism”, which would incorporate the empires slaves to have an equal representation in government (Drozdowski, 1.) He also thought about a form of federalism that would create 16 states. These radical ideas could have possibly saved the empire, but they weren’t popular. Serbia was very against Franz Ferdinand’s possible reforms as most people were. As Inspector General of the Army, Franz Ferdinand was also the Inspector General of the Army, so he accepted an invitation to visit the capital of Bosnia to inspect army tactics and maneuvers. This trip was primarily to portray his wife and himself to be imperialistic. The domain of Bosnia and Herzegovina had been under an Austro-Hungarian government and protection by international agreements, since 1878. Austria annexed the areas completely in 1908. European government wasn’t happy with this annexation, but the Greater-Serbian officials were very indignant. The Serbian officials desired that the areas of land should be a part of a Serbian controlled state, not a part of the soon to be enemy Austro-Hungarian Empire. On June 28th, 1914, Franz Ferdinand was riding in a motorcade like procession of

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