The Downfall Of Macbeth By William Shakespeare

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“He who blinded by ambition, raises himself to a position whence he cannot mount higher, must fall with the greatest loss.” Niccolo Machiavelli means to say is that when driven by blind ambition, one will go to the highest rank possible and the only thing left for one to do is to fall. In Shakespeare’s most bloody and gory play “Macbeth”, the late Shakespeare correctly exemplifies the fact that if one is ambitious one will have the greatest downfall, and will suffer consequences. Macbeth a mighty and ambitious warrior from the medieval times, manipulated by the peculiar sisters’ prophecy, leads Macbeth into thinking he has a chance to become king. Due to Macbeth’s blind ambition, he becomes a gruesome killer. Macbeth performs several slaughters in order to achieve the throne. Lady Macbeth, who is just as ambitious, worked side by side with Macbeth so she could become queen, and she too takes part in all the slaughters. After all these murders Macbeth and Lady Macbeth becomes crazy and starts feeling guilty and share a common goal. In the end due to all the horrific things Macbeth and his wife have done to other people, they all decide to take revenge on them, thus leading to their deaths. Therefore if one is blindly ambitious, one will face costs.
Macbeth prompted by the manipulative witches, ignites the ambition within him to take place on the throne, and leads him to kill several characters in the play. First of all Macbeth starts by murdering the present king of Scotland,

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