The Dreamer In The Brightest Night And The Outsiders

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Do you wish some things were different? If you could control events to take and not occur would you? In these stories I have read this quarter, (The Brightest Night and The Outsiders) there are loads of examples of the realist vs. the dreamer. The dreamer is the one who envisages about what things could be like, and what we don’t have. the realist is set and content with what we have and believes most new ideas or motives are ‘impossible’. We are good as a mix, but be must take more to our dreamer side, the side where our creativity and daring self comes out.

To dawn this essay, being a dreamer is important because we need to have a goal to succeed or we may not have a challenge to pursue, so we end up staying the same and never mixing anything …show more content…

From the book Mr. Ferris and His Wheel there was the annual fair for engineering and the sort, but with the one record-holder, everyone else made something like it just hoping for luck with height. There weren’t any new ideas, therefore not much competition but nothing else. Mr. Ferris had the idea of a new design, though. It would be a rigid but unique, fun ride. It would be ‘like a wheel.’ Investors thought he was crazy, but with a little help he proved those realists otherwise. This part exhibits how creativity comes from the dreamers because all the realists tried the same model, whereas Mr. Ferris, the dreamer of the bunch, went with a new style that worked prodigiously and was …show more content…

You see, a turn of events may happen and the future could change their situation. If Ponyboy and Johnny whom had changed his views--“I used to talk about killing myself… I don’t want to die now. It ain’t long enough. Sixteen years ain’t long enough . I wouldn’t mind so much if there wasn’t so much stuff I ain’t done yet and so many things I ain’t seen.”--throughout the book had thought that maybe the rescue of the children trapped in the burning church thought it was hopeless and should wait, they maybe wouldn’t of gotten hurt but they saved lives and realized how much maybe life was important and there are dreams worth it. “It seems like there’s gotta be some place without greasers or Socs, with just people. Plain ordinary people. Out of the big towns. In the country…” Ponyboy is dreaming of a life in the country, a better life than what he has. A life that is ideal. They problem is class, and without thought for something like this they are hopeless really.

In conclusion, think about some of these figures, do you think you have the imagination to be that dreamer that shows the new views for things? Not all the ideas ever thought of are taken after all. The dragonets--Clay, Starflight, Tsunami, Sunny, and Glory--showed us how essential dreamers are, Mr. Ferris showed us how creativity

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