The Drummer Boy

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KEY: Short Story Analysis of "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh"

Title: “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh”
Author: Ray Bradbury
Famous for writing science fiction, especially for the novel Fahrenheit 451.

Setting General Time: Civil War (1860- 1864)

Specific Time: April, begins at midnight and lasts for about 30 min. the night before a battle

General place: the South, Tennessee Specific place: battle site, near the church at Shiloh, by Owl Creek

Protagonist: Joby, the drummer boy (we don’t know which side of the battle he is on)

Conflict Internal or external? Internal Man versus self

Antagonist: Joby’s fear of battle, his lack of belief that he will survive due to his feelings
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peach pit “struck once like panic” (comparing the startling sound of the pit hitting the drum to the panic the sound created in the boy’s imagination) p5

3. Soldiers’ whispering “was like a natural element” (comparing the combined whispering of all the soldiers to the sound of a great wind approaching p5

3. “this drum which was worse than a toy” (comparing drum’s effectiveness as a weapon to a toy) p6

4. “him lying small here, no more than a toy himself”
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