The Earth Is Dying By Stephen G. Warren

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The Earth is dying. That is what environmentalists say all the time today. It shows up on the news now and then but proceeds to quickly disappear from people’s thoughts and minds. The experts warn and warn, but no one seems to listen. People are more concerned with cat videos than with the health of the one habitable planet they have. From a young age, people are told to think about the future, theirs, and this planet’s. Yet only a few people really do and actually care. The human population has grown uninhibited around the world and must decrease if the planet is to stay habitable. The human population is now over 7.3 billion. The rate at which humans are producing children is unlike any other time in the history …show more content…

Although the case in China is not ideal due to their culture of favoring men over women, most cultures around the world are not nearly as biased, which would not lead to the selecting of children based on sex. A second, and most important, change that needs to be made is the thought process. There is a widespread thinking that having biological children is the way to happiness. That is not the case. Choosing a child, regardless of their genetics, rather than birthing one, would be, and is, just as good, if not better, than having a biological child. Given this increase in population and technological advancements in medicine, there are more humans existing and the elderly are living longer; therefore, the resources being consumed per person in their lifetime has increased compared to when the life expectancy for the average person was 50 years old. Agriculture has an enormous part in the worldwide increase of people. No matter the birth rates, if humans cannot be fed, they will not survive. As a result, the population would decrease or stay the same. A group can only be as big as their food source allows. The invention of agriculture all around the world was essential to the development of civilization. Since its creation, societies have been able to support a larger number of people without them dying off from lack of food or resources. The more

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