The Earth 's Diverse Natural Resources

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Globals, Locals, and Mobals

The Earth is a diverse place in which places (locals), humans, and resources are unevenly distributed. The country or group of people who control or distribute resources have the power. The Earth’s diverse natural resources provide opportunities for humans to progress. The Earth is made up of various bodies of water and varying land masses. Different regions demand that people develop ways to survive. For example, the inhabitants of mountain valleys from the Andes to the Balkans and from the Caucasus to Kashmir live in desolation from the rest of the world, which means that they live similar to their ancestors. As a result, their lifestyle, religion, education, language, and health patterns are exactly like those who have lived in the isolated area for generations. The primary difference between people who live in separate parts of the world has to do with the “wealth gap.” Consequently the term “place” determines whether a person or group of peoples benefits from the environmental, cultural, social, and political geographies that make up the “power of place.” Place determines whether you drive your car on a highway or whether you are fetching water from a river and standing next to a cow. Place determines whether you become an immigrant or find a job in a high tech industry in a place that you grew up in. Structural improvements will create access to mainstream modernization and create a different lifestyle from one in which our ancestors were

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