The Earth's Need for Population Limitation Laws Essay

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Earth’s population is increasing, and areas which are already home to millions are continuing to expand. As these cities continue to grow, when the population reaches a certain point it is referred to as a megacity, a megacity is a metropolitan area with a total population of 10 million plus. These megacities are so large that they are becoming out of control settlements, cities like Los Angeles and Tokyo are being forced to expand upwards due to having to accommodate for the thriving population. These cities are also faced with the issue of not having enough resources such as food and water to support the demand required. With megacities rampant growth with it bring a decline in the quality of life, to prevent this from getting worse laws …show more content…

By doing this not only is it costly, but they must ensure that the water is shared with other smaller neighboring cities and rural areas.

Just like Los Angeles, Tokyo, Japan is another example of how megacities are out of control settlements. Tokyo is located in the southern Kanto region, positioned in approximately the centre of the Japanese archipelago (islands that formed the country of Japan) (see appendix three). Toyko’s population in the metropolis as of 2012 was approximately 37.2 million people (Allianz, 2014). With such a high population in such a dense urban area these megacities are being forced to expand upwards in order to accommodate for the citizens (see appendix Three). However by doing this many risks are associated, for example, Tokyo sits on fault lines that make up a part of the Ring of Fire, meaning that there are high chances of natural disasters to occur at any time (The telegraph, 2011). Megan Linkin, a natural disaster expert from Swiss re states:

This quotation is stating that due to Tokyo’s geographical placement that a natural disaster like earthquakes, tsunami’s or volcanic activty could occur at any given moment. So when a natural disaster does occur it is likely to result in a high number of collapsing buildings and other infrastructure which were designed for large numbers of residents. This will result in a large number of casualties’ and because of the

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