The Economic Viability of American Agriculture Essay

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The Economic Viability of American Agriculture “Hey mom, what is for supper tonight?” “Oh I don’t know son, what do you feel like eating?” “Well, I think I would really like to eat some steak and mashed potatoes and maybe some green beans; but first off we could start with a nice fresh salad and finish up with a rhubarb pie.” “That all sounds great son, but unfortunately all we have here is the steak; I’ll have to go to the store and see what I can find.” Later that evening the supper the family had was exactly how the son wanted it to be: the steak, potatoes, green beans and the rhubarb pie to top it off. Where do you think all of these products come from? They all can be traced back to the very importance of the world’s …show more content…

First off, the size of the farm will strongly determine the longevity of the farm’s success. There are several different categories of farms and they all have specific criteria to be part of that category. The broadest of the categories is the small family farm (sales of less than $250,000). Then under this category is several sub-categories which comprise of: limited-resource farms (gross sales of less than $100,000, total farm assets less than $250,000, and total operator house hold income less than $20,000), retirement farms (small farms with the operator being retired), residential/lifestyle farms (small farms with the operator having a major occupation other than farming), farming occupation/lower sales (sales less than $100,000), farming occupation/higher sales (sales between $100,000 and $249,999). The other types of farms include large family farms and very large family farms. The final category is non-family farm; these types of farms are more like corporations and cooperatives. The reason why the size of a farm is so important to the success is that it all depends on the amount of income that is flowing into the farm. The limited resource, retirement, and lifestyle family farms will have a better chance of prolonging its existence because of its off-farm income. These types of farms do not need to worry as much about low prices and low yields because of the other source of cash flow. This brings us to the farming occupation with

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