Impact Of Agriculture On Clayton And Fayette County

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Impact of Agriculture on Clayton and Fayette County
North Fayette Valley Middle School
Mariya Yasinovska, McKenna Kemp, Cody Smith, Andrew Schmitt

Agriculture impacts all of our lives in many different ways. There is the economic impact of agriculture and the physical impact.
Agriculture is one of the main industries in Clayton and Fayette counties. These counties export a lot of agriculture products to the rest of the U.S.A lot of people’s careers are in the agriculture industry, and it helps them get food on the table. A lot of people get their food from agriculture. When winter comes, the cold air outside cools the bins with stored grain, which causes moisture to migrate downwards and inwards toward the grain mass. To …show more content…

This shows that agriculture is very important to Fayette county, and thus, it has a very high impact on the economy of the county.
As of 2012, the county population of Clayton county was 97% rural and 3% urban. Most of the population lives on farms, or in small towns, because Clayton is a farming county. There aren’t many big cities within Clayton county, because it’s a rural county overall. Fayette is 29% urban, and 71% rural. It’s also a rural county, but slightly more urbanized.
In Clayton county, the land in farms decreased from 408,987 acres in 2007 to 398,022 acres in 2012. The average size of farms, though, increased. In 2007, the average size of a farm was 247 acres; in 2012 it was 252. This shows that the farmers that are still in agriculture are going strong, and although some are leaving their jobs, the ones that are left are ready to make up for …show more content…

Norby’s in West Union and other hardware stores provide seeds and plants for vegetables. Some of the foods the cows and farms produce are corn, milk, eggs, beef, pork, beans, alfalfa, and hay. The alfalfa and hay is for the cows in the winter to stay fat for butchering. The eggs come from the chickens that also eat alfalfa to stay alive.
Metal recycling is another important part of agriculture. Clayton County Recycling is located in Monona, IA. The business is open six out of seven days. People who are in the agriculture business work varied hours so this is convenient. When a farmer puts up a new fence he has to get rid of the old fencing. Some load it on a wagon and take the metal to the recycling center when its full. They get paid for the scrap metal by how much it weights. They are helping the environment so there is less trash.
Pro Earth Environmental Services in West Union is another important business for ag. The wood is made into mulch which is used for animal bedding, landscaping, and compost piles.

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