The Economics Behind Drug Trafficking and Cartels in Mexico: A Study of the Cartel’s Influence on Mexico and the Expansion to West Africa

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Imagine living everyday of your life in constant fear. You wake up never knowing for sure what terrible acts of violence and injustice you will encounter, how many people you personally know will die – or if you yourself will die. Imagine that there is no escaping this fear, no one to say everything is going to be alright, and worst of all, no hope. This is the common life of many citizens who live in Mexico, specifically in areas where drug cartels are present. The war against drug trafficking is an ever-present problem, and is seemingly always growing more violent as the cartel’s and gangs power. Drugs are obviously not a constructive product, and countries such as Mexico are suffering in terms of image, prosperity, safety and …show more content…

This study will also attempt to look for reason why drug trafficking and the subsequent violence is so prevalent in certain places, while also trying to find solutions to abate the power of the cartels and drug lords, and work towards eliminating the morbid amounts of violence and corruption seen both in Mexico and western Africa. Mexico’s Cartels & Their Power The almighty and powerful force behind the drug trafficking business is drug cartels. There are many different rival cartels in Mexico, and they collectively are the source of much of the violence that takes place in the country. The cartels are very smart, and very dangerous. They will do almost anything to make sure that their business of transporting illegal drugs does not go interrupted. The cartels have been known to use live dogs and young kids as unknowing drug carriers. They have no concern for what is wrong, and what is right, only what is best for them. This is why they are so dangerous, and this is why they have such an impact. This is why in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, there were 1,652 reported murders in 2008 and almost twice that amount the next year, whereas Los Angeles, a notorious crime-laden city in the United States, had 384 murders in 2008 and 312 the next year (Bowden). The source of the enormous murder rate in Mexico is easily attributed to the violent cartels. But, what is the reason for all of this bloodshed? The simple answer is money. The Violence &

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