The Education Crisis : The United States ' Educational System

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Upon consideration of the education crisis that currently is the United States’ educational system there have developed intangible amounts of controversy, each one in itself claiming to have solved the problem or to have identified what truly is wrong with it. The most strained trend of these controversies is the view on school system policy, policy being what makes a school system unique also is claimed to be the big issue of the U.S. However, in the current state of this country in dire need of resolution it is evident that no change in policy can solve a much greater issue, one that stands more than just in the way of education but the emancipation of a dream, the American Dream. The fault lies not in the policy of the system, but in…show more content…
Many have claimed to have solved the school system or saved the future generations through solutions such as non-government funding or higher standards for all teachers no matter what salary is presented, however, the key to the locked door of success is not labeled with a solution of policy, but that of heart and culture. What lies in the hearts of the American people is what sets them aside as an unusual people, a new and indefinitely unique type of culture. The culture of this people is not only what makes them who they are, but is used in order to create, innovate, thrive, as well as drive them to success. According to Margaret J. King PhD, the first in history to hold a graduate degree in Popular Culture, who studies the effect of culture as a driving force for thinking, behavior and decision-making “In American culture, the individual is the basic unit, the prime mover in our thinking, the heart, mind, and soul of American values. Our belief that individuals control, or should control, so much of what happens to them explains a great deal about American life, and its differences from other culture ways.”(King). The people of a culture are directly inspired by it and America is no stranger to this concept. People act, think, and choose in similar relation to those they surround themselves and in doing so define the word trends. Trends in style, trends in thought, and trends in values all are what
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